Made For Rookies and Rebelway FX Competition. Got to become one of the Finalists! Click here to see the entry and breakdown in The Rookies' site.

Lighthouse Snowglobe project made during Internship at SideFX. An exploration into the use of Renderman in Solaris and FLIP-RBD Interaction, something I've always been curious about. Click here to watch the HUG presentation based on this project.

My contribution as a Lead FX Artist in Good Bad and Beautiful, a StudioX project. Mostly responsible for making the dust/dirt effects setup

Firebending Personal Project. An exercise of making FX setups, an experiment with the then new Sparse Pyro Solver, and a tribute to Avatar the Last Airbender. Model and Animation from Adobe's Mixamo.

City Flood, class project turned Passion Project which took roughly 3 years on and off to get to this stage, slowly adding upon and refining the effect. Responsible for all aspects.

Javaesthetic Quick Dry is one of the CG shots made for Javaesthetic, a start up fashion brand's ad. Responsible for all aspects.

Portal in the Station is a collaborative project between me and a friend who is a Compositor. Responsible for creating the smoke portal effect and rendering the CG elements within the portal

Ground Rigid Body Dynamics, a Personal Project which started out as a simple RBD exercise with "Tommy" the Test Geometry, which I decided to make into a complete shot. Crane and Shipping Containers are free models from Turbosquid.

Steve's Catch, a StudioX project. One of my first involvements in a collaborative project, and an exploration with the then new Vellum grains for ground interaction effects.